Hi, I'm Lauren Lastowka

I'm a writer and editor based in Burlington, Vermont, specializing in the areas of food, craft beer, nutrition, and preventive health. I work as an editor on the content licensing team at Meredith Corporation, and previously worked in a variety of editorial positions in the health and food space.



I prefer clear, concise, and conversational. I'll toss in a fancy word now and then but am trained in health literacy and can just as easily write to a 6th grade reading level.


I work with authors to hone their voice and vision so as to create the best experience for their audience.


I know the rules but also when to let authors break them. I've worked with Chicago, AP, APA, and AMA. I can swing both ways with the Oxford comma (but strongly encourage it!).


Select freelance projects

Edible San Diego

I began freelancing for Edible San Diego for their inaugural issue and have contributed to nearly every issue since. From 2009 - 2013 I served as the managing editor of the publication, and regularly contributed until I moved away from San Diego in 2015.

San Diego Uptown News

I wrote a bi-weekly column called Hoptown Girl for SD Uptown News in 2010 and 2011 that focused on craft beer brewed and served in San Diego County. All photos accompanying the stories were original.

San Diego News Network

I wrote a series of 15 pieces as a bi-weekly "In Season" column for the now-shuttered SDNN.com, focusing on one in-season fruit or vegetable each week. Each piece discussed what to look for when shopping for the food, how to store, cook, and prepare it, and what the nutritional value was. All photographs were original, and recipes were a combination of original and credited. Topics included avocados, fennel, mushrooms, beets, pomegranates, persimmons, and my all-time favorite, figs.

Serious Eats

I have contributed a few craft-beer-related pieces to the website SeriousEats.com. View the Gift Guide: For Beer Lovers slideshow I put together for the 2010 holiday season and the San Diego Beer Week highlights slideshow I put together for the November 2011 San Diego Beer Week.


Potentially more than you wanted to know about my work history


  • Ten years experience writing, editing, and editorial acquisitions
  • Proficient in Chicago and AP style
  • Published 80+ feature-length articles on the topics of food, health, nutrition, craft beer, and sustainability in print and online publications
  • Copyedited and/or developmentally edited over 200 articles and books
  • Internet and computer savvy, with extensive knowledge of web-based content management systems, Microsoft suite, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS
  • Organized, efficient, deadline-driven, and dependable

Staff Positions:




Potentially more than you wanted to know about my life history

New York born, Jersey raised, Virginia schooled. I went to a science and technology high school only to become an English major in college. I drove cross country in a VW convertible, stopped to play catch on the Field of Dreams and ride a mule into the Grand Canyon, then found a tiny cottage to live in by the sea. After a few months of playing in the surf and pretending to know how to sail, I got serious and launched a career writing and editing, mostly about food, wine, craft beer, cooking, nutrition, and health. 

What you won’t find on my resume: I smoke a mean pork shoulder and brew a pretty decent IPA. I’ve traveled to 35 41 states and have my eye on the remaining 15 9. I started a tumblr calling out bogus handmade claims, but stopped because I came across too many. I helped publicize National High Five Day in its early years. I'm an amateur ceramicist, an avid hiker, and a champion light packer. I came close to posting a photo a day in 2014. My not-so-secret goal in life is to get a dish I invent put on a restaurant menu, ideally with a cheezy pun for a name.

I’m married to Conor Lastowka. You might know him for being funny. We live in a really old house with a tiny kitchen that we often cook for way too many people in modern apartment with a slightly larger kitchen that we are afraid to cook for too many people in for fear of setting off overactive smoke alarms. We have a cat with no tail who has flown across the country twice three times (he's a little neurotic these days). And the last name? It’s pronounced Luh-stow-ka.

"Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry."